Primary Medical Care

BVMI provides FREE healthcare to adults who don’t have insurance, keeping them healthy and able to work.

By providing ongoing care, BVMI reduces the number of non-emergency visits to hospital emergency rooms.

The pandemic has reinforced just how critical BVMI’s mission is to Bergen County. By ensuring that people have access to healthcare, we are protecting not only our patients and community, but also helping to conserve scarce healthcare resources.

BVMI is fortunate to have an incredible group of internists, specialists, nurse practitioners, and nurses who take care of our patients on a daily basis. These professionals generously donate their time and talent to make sure that people who don’t have insurance still have access to free, quality healthcare.

Many patients coming to BVMI for the first time haven’t seen a doctor in several years.  First, they undergo a complete lab workup, and then see a doctor or nurse practitioner.  That first appointment – which lasts an hour – is crucial for establishing trust with the patient.  Their provider spends time getting to know them as a person first, then conducts a complete physical exam. They then prescribe medication or refer the patient out for testing or to see a specialist.

That first visit is only the beginning.  Over time, our patients realize that BVMI is always here for them, providing annual exams, sick visits, and treatment and support for chronic conditions. For many visits, patients have the option of coming to the healthcare center or seeing their provider via telehealth, a convenient and time-saving option when securing childcare, transportation and time off work can be challenging.

We will continue to serve – and to succeed - thanks to you!

Help Us Create a Haven For Hope and Healing ...

To meet the increasing need for mental health services at BVMI, we need your help with a special, time-sensitive project—to transform an existing administrative office in our Hackensack clinic into a warm and inviting therapy room. To do so, we need to raise $10,000 to completely transform the space into a haven for hope and healing…one with comfortable furnishings, soft lighting, and a desk for Sandra. And tissues—plenty of tissues.