Diabetes Prevention, Care and Education

Nearly 30% of BVMI’s patients have diabetes or pre-diabetes

We help patients living with diabetes and pre-diabetes live healthier lives

The Diabetes Prevention, Care and Education Program was established to address a chronic health condition that impacts hundreds of BVMI patients. Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to increased risk of stroke, heart disease, circulatory problems and neuropathy, visual impairment, kidney disease – even death.

Our goal?

Contain the spread of diabetes by bringing patients’ diabetes under control and reduce the incidence of diabetes among those at risk. Research points to the huge impact of effective diabetes education programs on improving the health of diabetics and pre-diabetics.  BVMI engages in intensive, ongoing programming to help this large sector of its population to confront and address this serious health threat.

​Patients receive compassionate care and one-on-one education, in a language they understand, as well as the encouragement they need to eat healthier meals, exercise, reduce stress, take medication as required, and benefit from the ongoing monitoring of BVMI clinicians. The clinical results of this program consistently exceed national benchmarks in diabetes care for Medicaid-eligible populations. Encouraged by these results, BVMI expanded its diabetes program in 2019 to include the Prevent Diabetes Program (PDP), engaging patients with pre-diabetes in a year-long program aimed at comprehensive health education and the encouragement of healthy lifestyles.

Did You Know

34.2 million people in the US have diabetes – one out of 10 people
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