Volunteer (Medical & General)

Change Lives!

Be Part of a Team!

BVMI volunteers are amazing! They are the heart and soul of the healthcare center and donate thousands of hours of their time to make sure that BVMI’s patients have access to quality compassionate healthcare.

My passion for medicine was reinvigorated when I started volunteering at BVMI and that is what keeps me coming back. There is a spirit at BVMI that is hard to put into words. Those of us who work here are connected by a belief that no one should have to do without basic healthcare and that if we each do our own part, we can truly make a difference. BVMI is truly powered by passionate volunteers, and it is an amazing organization that I am proud to be part of.

Medical Volunteers

Volunteer doctor Karen Latimer, MD in a BVMI exam room.

We hope you’ll consider giving your time and talents to treat our Bergen County neighbors. Volunteering at BVMI means you are able to practice medicine the way it should be practiced – patient-centered. We don’t limit the amount of time you spend with your patients and we encourage every practitioner to treat each patient with caring, respect and empathy. 

You’ll have the opportunity to treat patients with interesting and sometimes challenging cases, affording you the ability to keep your skills sharp and your medical knowledge current.

With the addition of telehealth, you can even see patients from the comfort of your home.

Schedules are flexible. We do ask for a minimum of one four-hour shift, twice a month (eight hours). Vacation, work, and travel are always accommodated.

Medical malpractice coverage is provided to every practitioner through the federal government.”  Click here to learn more FTCA Coverage.

General Volunteers

BVMI Volunteer Jane conducting a patient eligibility interview to determine if a prospective patient meets the criteria to become a BVMI patient.

Do you enjoy meeting new people?  Help us spread the word about BVMI at health fairs and community events, or share our mission with members of civic and service clubs, faith communities and other organizations that want to learn more about BVMI.   

There are also opportunities to directly assist BVMI patients by distributing food, produce, supplies, and gifts. 

Do you speak Spanish or Korean?  We need you!  Interpreters assist providers in the exam room and are critical to providing optimal care to BVMI’s patients.  There are also opportunities to translate patient education materials and communications.

Do you like to stuff envelopes? Happy to pick up the phone and call patients? Don’t mind shredding paper?  Administrative volunteers help keep the office running smoothly.   

Do you love social media?   Help us tell our story on social media through videos and social media.  

Check back often for additional volunteer opportunities!

Information on FTCA Coverage for Medical Volunteers:

Because BVMI is a volunteer free healthcare center, volunteers are covered by medical malpractice insurance provided by the federal government. The volunteer has immunity from medical malpractice lawsuits resulting from his/her subsequent performance of medical, surgical, dental or related functions within the scope of his/her work at the free center.

​Medical volunteers will be credentialed by BVMI’s Medical Services Committee and the BVMI Board of Trustees.

Upon approval, BVMI will apply for FTCA coverage for the volunteer.

For more information, go to the US Department of Health and Human Services website.

The hyperlink for the US Depart of Health and Human Services website is: https://bphc.hrsa.gov/ftca/freeclinics/policies.html