Chronic Disease Management

With your support, we are helping BVMI patients live healthier lives

When BVMI patients learn to manage their chronic conditions, they feel confident they can be there for their families

Many of BVMI’s patients have one or more chronic conditions like obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. ​Chronic conditions often interfere with employment and quality of life, and cost billions in lost wages and medical expenses, but can be managed through a combination of medication and lifestyle changes.

BVMI’s team of primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers and dietitians work together to help provide care, oversight, and education to help our patients make the lifestyle changes necessary to control and improve these chronic conditions.

High Cholesterol

About 38% of American adults have high cholesterol.

High cholesterol can lead to heart disease and stroke—leading causes of death in the United States.

High cholesterol has no signs or symptoms; the only way to know if you have it is to get it checked.

High Blood Pressure

108 million American adults –nearly 45% — have high blood pressure.

Roughly 25% of adults with high blood pressure have their condition under control.

High blood pressure costs the nation $131 billion each year.

High blood pressure increases your risk for dangerous health conditions including heart disease and stroke, which are leading causes of death in the US.