BVMI Donor Privacy Statement

Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative is committed to protecting our donors’ privacy

BVMI is committed to protecting our donors’ privacy.  Our donors expect that we will use their support wisely. They also place their faith and trust in us concerning the personal information that they may share when making a gift.  We value our donors’ trust and we recognize that maintaining this trust requires us to be transparent and accountable to our supporters and the public at all times.

Every reasonable precaution shall be taken to protect and preserve the confidentiality of our Donor’s personal information.  All employees, agents and authorized service providers are individually required to safeguard each individual Donor’s personal information.  Any outside contractors or third-party service providers are selected with due care and must abide by this Policy.

We collect Donor information for internal use only, and just to the extent required for our purposes.  We obtain relevant personal information about Donors lawfully and fairly. 

Sharing or Selling of Personal Information

BVMI does not sell, trade, or rent the information and contents of active Donor files to others.  BVMI will not share Donor e-mail addresses with third parties

Requests to remain Anonymous

Donors who wish to avoid any public recognition may inform BVMI when making a pledge or gift.  The option to remain anonymous shall be made available to Donors by BVMI and its appropriate employees. This request for anonymity shall be honored by BVMI until the Donor informs us otherwise.


NOTE: If you have questions about BVMI’s privacy policy, would like to review the personal information that is collected and request changes, or would like to request to remain anonymous in any public donor listing, please contact our Director of Donor Relations, Sue Dyrness, at

BVMI’s complete Privacy Policy is available here for download.