Irene: Diabetes and Case Management

“The people who donate to BVM don’t even know us – yet they’re changing our lives!”
– Irene, a BVMI Patient

Irene became a new BVMI patient in this past July. Like so many BVMI patients, Irene lives on the edge. She’s 40 years old and a single mom, working long hours at a local supermarket while caring for her young son Martin. No child support. No relatives to help – and no health insurance. BVMI is her lifeline to better health. 

Previously diagnosed with diabetes, Irene had been getting her diabetes medication from her home country of Ecuador, but was not under the care of a physician. In the five months since becoming a BVMI patient, she’s already on the path to improving her health. 

Irene has been a frequent visitor to BVMI since becoming a patient.  She’s come in for lab work and a complete physical.  To address her diabetes, she’s seen a volunteer endocrinologist, BVMI’s Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist and our registered dietitian.  After meeting with the dietitian, Irene has already made some changes to her diet to manage her diabetes.  With BVMI’s assistance, she’ll also see a podiatrist and eye doctor to prevent complications like nerve damage and vision problems. 

To make sure she stays healthy, Irene has had a well-woman exam and gotten mammogram, since she’s over 40. And because she’s facing numerous other challenges, she also meets regularly with Rosa, BVMI’s Case Manager, who is connecting her to many other resources for food, diapers for Martin, and assistance in finding a better job with daytime hours. 

Irene is very grateful for being welcomed into the BVMI patient family. Up until now, Irene has not taken care of her health and she feels like being a BVMI patient is so much better than being alone. Thanks to BVMI’s loyal supporters, Irene – and more than 1,000 patients who come to BVMI each year – have hope for a healthier, happier life.

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