Blanca: Much Healthier – and Happier

Meet Blanca. Her story is a work in progress. She’s a hardworking mom who holds down two jobs while caring for her husband and two children. Although she’s only 44, her family medical history puts her at risk for several chronic diseases. Blanca’s mother and grandparents all suffered from diabetes. Her father had high blood pressure and passed away from a heart attack at the age of 42. Beyond her medical concerns, Blanca has also faced some heartbreaking personal challenges within the family.

Clearly, someone needs to be there for Blanca in many ways – to help her take good care of not just her family, but also herself. “Thanks to BVMI’s medical team and the attention they’ve given me, my blood pressure is under better control,” said Blanca. She’s also working hard to keep her blood sugar levels in the pre-diabetic range, and – with the help of her lifestyle coach and fellow patients in BVMI’s Prevent Diabetes Program – she hopes to one day rewrite her family’s medical history. Blanca is already getting her loved ones involved in healthy eating, exercise, and stress management. With the help of BVMI’s mental health team, she’s also working on other family challenges. 

In a recent message to our donors, Blanca expressed her gratitude: “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting BVMI. Because of you, I’m able to get the medical care I need but can’t afford.” 

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Help Us Create a Haven For Hope and Healing ...

To meet the increasing need for mental health services at BVMI, we need your help with a special, time-sensitive project—to transform an existing administrative office in our Hackensack clinic into a warm and inviting therapy room. To do so, we need to raise $10,000 to completely transform the space into a haven for hope and healing…one with comfortable furnishings, soft lighting, and a desk for Sandra. And tissues—plenty of tissues.