Time AND Treasure

Richard Alva might have had a very long commute! He discovered BVMI when he still lived in Chicago; when he as a Spanish medical interpreter. moved east to study medical interpreting at NYU last September, he began volunteering at BVMI to practice his new skills.

Richard had the opportunity to shadow every practitioner and every specialist. “I got to learn so much, and everyone was amazing with their skills, knowledge and perspective. I will carry what I learned at BVMI with me for the rest of my life.”

This past spring, he landed an incredible job – back in Chicago. Before he left, he had one more gift to give.

During his time at BVMI, Richard did more than interpret – he observed. Was there something BVMI needed but didn’t have? After polling the staff, Richard decided to donate a high-tech digital scale. The sort of scale used in hospitals which provides some of the best metrics technology has to offer including height, weight and Body Mass Index (BMI).

Back in Chicago, Richard is working as a Spanish medical interpreter at Sinai Health System, and as a health educator and nutritionist at Medicor Partners. He’s also helping his parents – both physicians – who launched a the Adelante Community Health Center, which provides free healthcare to residents in the Chicago area.

Richard says “I’ve worked at and volunteered at several clinics and healthcare centers. There aren’t many places that function as humanely or as beautifully as BVMI. Many nonprofits have great mission and vision statements but BVMI actually walks the talk.”

Mary Granholm, BVMI’s nurse practitioner, describes Richard as “a caring professional that never missed an opportunity to go the extra mile for the patients and staff.” Our new scale is a daily reminder of Richard’s commitment to BVMI and to the good health of our patients.