Love at BVMI: A Two-Way Street

“He doesn’t remember how to get here and when he has appointments, I like to come along. Otherwise, I worry that he’ll get lost,” Katarina says, smiling fondly at Sebastián.


Everyone at BVMI looks forward to days when Katarina and Sebastian come in. Married for 58 years, they are old souls whose love lights up BVMI the moment they walk through the doors. At the core of their marriage is the belief that laughter is the key to staying in love. Joy follows them wherever they go.

They describe themselves as a tag team. “I help him get here and write down what the doctors say. He helps me cook and clean,” says Katarina. “We don’t just put up with each other – we support each other.”

“Well, sometimes we put up with each other!” jokes Sebastián.

“Our love for each other pales in comparison to the love that the doctors and nurses show all of the patients. When we come here, we feel so respected and valued. We actually enjoy going to see the doctor!” says Sebastian.