Lee: Breast Cancer

Lee became a BVMI patient in 2019. At her first wellness visit, she told her doctor than she has a family history of breast cancer, but had not had a mammogram in many years because she had no health insurance. After a thorough examination, she was referred out for a mammogram. In May 2020, after abnormal mammogram and biopsy results, BVMI referred her to an oncologist.  Surgery revealed that Lee had early breast cancer – although it had not spread to surrounding tissue, she underwent chemotherapy and radiation and now has a good prognosis.  In addition to being diagnosed with cancer, Lee also lost her job early in the pandemic, putting even more stress on her health.  Lee now has a new job, and whenever a member of the BVMI team checks in with her schedule follow-up appointments, she expresses her deep appreciation to BVMI for the care she receives.

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