Doing Double Duty

BVMI is a community – one that provides essential services. It is a place where patients come to be well, volunteers from all walks of life are needed, the staff is caring, and donors feel their gifts are put to good use. Upon entering BVMI, you feel welcomed and notice the positive attitudes of everyone around you.

Initially introduced to BVMI through their friend Amanda Missey (BVMI President/CEO), Kristi and Brian Izzo are one of several couples who volunteer at BVMI. They continue coming back because they understand that while the medical team focuses on the core mission, behind the scenes support is also important to BVMI’s success. Brian serves as BVMI’s on call handyperson and Kristi performs various administrative tasks.

Not only do Brian and Kristi volunteer their time, they also contribute financially to BVMI. “We know that volunteers are key to BVMI’s success, but it takes money to run this impressive operation,” said Kristi.

Having known each other since high school, Brian and Kristi enjoy spending time together and agree that BVMI is important because everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. Brian said, “Our gifts are important to BVMI and we are happy to provide both our time and donations to an organization that does so much good.”