Women’s Health Initiative

67% of BVMI’s patients are women. Many are employed in low-paying jobs, in small businesses and in service industries. They work long hours for little pay, many of them supporting young children as well as multi-generational families with aging parents. Few have the time – or the resources – to take care of themselves, and many who come to BVMI have not seen a doctor in many years.

In 2012, BVMI established the Women’s Health Initiative with a generous grant from the Merck Company Foundation. An additional gift from the Agnes Varis Foundation in 2013 allowed BVMI to expand the initiative. Ongoing funding from the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation supports a breast health program at the Center.

The intake for all patients, regardless of gender, includes a comprehensive primary care examination, and gynecological care becomes part of the follow-up care for women patients who have not had recent examinations and/or are determined through the primary care check-up to require additional care. All women over the age of 40 who have not had a mammogram in the past 12 months are referred for the procedure.

We focus on women’s health

A 50-year old woman came to the BVMI Healthcare Center in very poor health complaining of discomfort in her chest. She had not been to a doctor in a number of years. As part of our quality assurance program, we require every woman over 40 years of age to have a mammogram. Hers indicated a growth that was later diagnosed as malignant. BVMI was able to call upon a physician in our network of over 300 specialists in the community to help this patient obtain a biopsy and surgery for removal of the tumor. We were also assisted by one of the five hospitals in Bergen County who collaborate with BVMI to provide routine diagnostics tests for our patients.

BVMI has a dedicated team of women’s health practitioners serving the needs of our female patients:

Victor Borden, MD

Harold Bruck, MD

Victoria Eftychiou, APN

Kathleen Fagan, DNP

Mary Granholm, APN

Lisa Ann Miller, MD

Inga Zilberstein, MD