Volunteers are the heart of our organization.  Every volunteer comes to BVMI with a different history, expertise, skills and expectations. Their experiences at BVMI vary as much as their backgrounds.  

Whether the volunteer is a physician who is managing a patient's diabetes or working the front desk to check people in, every volunteer is here for the same reason: to help Bergen County's working low-income residents get the healthcare they need and cannot afford.

A "Positive" Result

We all know that special bond that develops between doctors and their patients. Often this bond takes years to develop. But when you have practitioners who are as kind and caring as those here at BVMI, these relationships often form far more quickly. Such was the case several months ago, when a young Pakistani couple walked into our clinic. 

Is there a Doctor in the House?

Well, if Victor M. Abraham II has anything to say about it, there will be.  Victor, who is one of our volunteers, will be heading off to medical school in September 2019. And we couldn't be more excited for him!


BVMI Volunteer Jonathan (Jon) Wolfson exemplifies dedication. During a torrential rainstorm this past April, Jon faced road closings and flooded streets as he made his way to BVMI for his volunteer shift. It took more than three hours from his Old Bridge home that stormy Monday to reach our healthcare center, but Jon felt it was important to be there for BVMI and our patients.

National Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week (May 6th-12th) provided a welcome opportunity to recognize and thank all of BVMI’s exceptional nurses and nurse practitioners. 

BVMI Volunteers are Awesome!

On April 17th, we held our annual recognition party to thank our amazing volunteers for sharing their time and talents and exemplifying BVMI’s culture of caring.

Thank you, Volunteer Victoria Eftychiou!

This month it’s our pleasure to highlight BVMI volunteer and Nurse Practitioner, Victoria Eftychiou!  Victoria has been honored with the “Advanced Practice Nurse of the Year” by NJSNA-FNAP in 2007 and 2014, and more recently received the 2017 State Award of Excellence for New Jersey from AANP.

Doing Double Duty

Kristi and Brian Izzo are one of several couples who volunteer at BVMI. They continue coming back because they understand that while the medical team focuses on the core mission, behind the scenes support is also important to BVMI’s success.

We need YOU! And YOU! And YOU!

We have seen a 17% increase in new patients this year and as a result, we have a critical need for volunteers!

A True Humanitarian

On September 18, Mike will be honored for his efforts by the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce at their Annual Golf Outing as "Humanitarian of the Year."

"Mike's dedication to BVMI and the patients we serve has been unwavering," says Amanda Missey, BVMI's CEO.  "His experience in healthcare, coupled with his willingness to introduce BVMI to individuals who believe in making sure that healthcare is accessible to everyone - regardless of their ability to pay - has helped BVMI grow and will continue to sustain us even after he leaves the board next year.  We are very, very grateful for his work on our behalf!"

The Millennials are Here!

Millenials have now surpassed Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living generation. This summer, the scales are inching in that direction at BVMI, too! Every day, our office is filled with a number of interns.

Inspired by our Volunteers

BVMI would not exist without our volunteers! So every April, we throw a big party to celebrate all of the special people who provide such excellent care to our patients. 

United by Their Passion for Healthcare

When Dr. Henry Lau first retired, he was restless. His family was growing increasingly worried because it was clear he was so unhappy. It was becoming apparent Henry needed not just a hobby to fill his time, but to find something he was passionate about.

Serendipitously, his colleague and former co-worker, Dr. Charlotte Sokol, called him one day to tell him about BVMI. Intrigued, he decided to schedule a meeting

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