Why it Really Matters

What do you do when your patient says he can’t monitor his blood sugar levels because he can’t see the numbers on the machine?

This was the problem confronting Dr. Charlotte Sokol and Certified Diabetes Educator Holly Homa. Their patient, 57-year- old Emilio, worked irregular hours at a deli, sometimes 12 hours at a time. His crazy schedule and his cataracts kept him from being able to manage his diabetes, which was dangerously uncontrolled.

Knowing it was critical that Emilio monitor his blood sugar, Dr. Sokol asked Holly to contact ARKAY USA, Inc. to ask about their talking glucometer. John Walker, a company representative, felt their glucometer would be the perfect solution, especially because it spoke both Spanish and English. ARKAY USA generously donated three machines to BVMI, with one of them earmarked for Emilio. They also sent superb educational literature for BVMI to give to diabetic patients.