United by Their Passion for Healthcare


When Dr. Henry Lau first retired, he was restless. His family was growing increasingly worried because it was clear he was so unhappy. It was becoming apparent Henry needed not just a hobby to fill his time, but to find something he was passionate about.

Serendipitously, his colleague and former co-worker, Dr. Charlotte Sokol, called him one day to tell him about BVMI. Intrigued, he decided to schedule a meeting but wanted to bring his wife Birdie along, because she “always asks the right questions.”

Not only did Henry fall in love with BVMI but so did Birdie. And, it just so happened that BVMI needed someone to scan medical records. Birdie, a self-described “gopher” jumped at the opportunity and BVMI walked away from that meeting with not just one but TWO volunteers!

“We both believe in the power of studying the whole body. Specialists only look at one problem and can sometimes forget that everything is interconnected,” says Henry.

Birdie believes that Henry himself a perfect example of how interconnected the body is. Since he started volunteering at BVMI, Birdie believes that because he is filling his time with purpose, Henry’s overall health has improved. Now, he no longer seems down or disinterested and instead is back to the smiling Henry she saw every day when he was working.

“We tell our kids every day that they need to find their calling and work toward their passion. Without a direction in life, you burn out,” says Birdie. “When we first started volunteering at BVMI, Henry was walking around with a cane – now there is no longer a cane, and Henry practically is skipping around the healthcare center! BVMI has given us both a direction again…He gets to be a practicing physician again and I get to help run a healthcare center office again – it’s like we never even retired!”