A True Humanitarian 


BVMI became a reality through the efforts of many individuals.  Sam Cassell, BVMI's founder, envisioned building an organization that would provide a safety net so that hardworking Bergen County residents without insurance would have access to healthcare. He drew many friends and colleagues into the effort, and as a result, built a successful organization that today provides free healthcare to more than 1,000 people.  


Sam chose well when he recruited Mike Azzara.  Mike had just retired after a long career as CEO at The Valley Hospital.  Mike's efforts on behalf of BVMI have helped the organization grow from an operation open just a few days a week to a thriving healthcare center open five days a week with a staff of 16 and 125 volunteers. 


On September 18, Mike will be honored for his efforts by the Mahwah Regional Chamber of Commerce at their Annual Golf Outing as "Humanitarian of the Year." 


"Mike's dedication to BVMI and the patients we serve has been unwavering," says Amanda Missey, BVMI's CEO.  "His experience in healthcare, coupled with his willingness to introduce BVMI to individuals who believe in making sure that healthcare is accessible to everyone - regardless of their ability to pay - has helped BVMI grow and will continue to sustain us even after he leaves the board next year.  We are very, very grateful for his work on our behalf!"


If you ask Mike, this honor belongs "to all of the volunteers and staff at BVMI who make a critical difference in the lives of hard-working people."  If you ask us, we wouldn't be where we are today without Mike. 

Thank you for your dedication and service - we look forward to honoring you on September 18th!


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