Strengthening Skills through Volunteering

“Emergency room nursing is all about stabilizing and treating the patient’s urgent healthcare needs in the short term, whereas the work at BVMI is focused on the patient’s long term, primary healthcare needs,” explained Tom Scheuren, an RN with Chilton Hospital and valued BVMI volunteer.

“By volunteering at BVMI, I get access to a very different style of nursing and healthcare,” said Tom. “It helps make me a well-rounded nurse." Nursing is actually a career change for Tom. He has an undergraduate degree in English and Secondary Education and a masters degree in Counseling Psychology, and worked as a student affairs professional. However, his career path was taking him away from working with students.

“Changing careers was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made,” said Tom. “My day is devoted to interpersonal and meaningful work – work that possesses an immediacy of impact that is visible day in and day out.”

Tom added, “Working with the patients of BVMI is always a pleasure. Plus, the volunteer staff comes from such a variety of professional backgrounds, they’re always a source of new information and insight.”