Special Treatment Gets Results

When Gerardina woke up on a Saturday morning with a rash on her face, she went to the Emergency Room because BVMI was closed. Even after her ER visit, the rash didn’t go away, so she made an appointment to see nurse practitioner Mary Granholm, MSN, RN, APN-BC, her primary care provider at BVMI. Mary was concerned because the rash persisted.

Fortunately, BVMI has a volunteer dermatologist – Dr. Corey – who sees patients at BVMI twice  a month. Mary referred Gerardina to Dr. Corey, who prescribed medication that successfully treated the problem.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have many specialists who come in to BVMI to see patients. For people without health insurance, seeing a specialist is prohibitively expensive and probably just wouldn’t happen. That’s when a little rash can become a big problem,” said Mary.