BVMI Social Worker Helps Patient Cope with Tragedy

How do you cope with a miscarriage? This is the question that faced Rosita, who lost her unborn child and strongly grieved for the loss. She became very fearful for her remaining child, forbidding her to play on the playground in case she got hurt and not allowing her to play with other children because she felt it was too dangerous.

Knowing that she needed help to process her grief, Rosita turned to BVMI and Women’s Health Social Worker Linda Steffe, MSW, LCSW. Linda shared strategies with Rosita to help not only her, but also her husband and remaining child.


One way Linda helped was by giving Rosita age appropriate ways to answer her daughter’s question, “Where is the little baby you told me was coming?” Other community resources were also suggested and Rosita feels the family is moving forward. They are almost ready to consider another pregnancy.