8 Days in September

Azul is lucky to be a patient at BVMI.  In fact, her life may have depended on it.

A patient since 2011, Azul was diagnosed with anemia. Despite recommendations, she consistently refused to have a gynecological exam. “I don’t need it,” she explained.

Things changed on September 1, when she came in for a routine blood test.  Quest Diagnostics, prompted by the alarming results, called BVMI and alerted them to her very low hemoglobin and hematocrit levels.  


Dr. Howard Lipton, BVMI’s associate medical director, phoned Azul, who said “I feel fine.” Despite her protests, Dr. Lipton insisted that she come in, telling her that the test results were serious and she had to take action.

Finally, Azul agreed to come in for an exam.  She mentioned that she had passed out that morning at work, and Dr. Lipton replied it was because she was profoundly anemic.  Dr. Lisa Ann Miller, a volunteer OB-GYN, performed a second exam and Azul was rushed to Holy Name Hospital.  


After receiving an immediate transfusion of two units of blood, along with an iron infusion, Azul remained in the hospital for three days.  Thankfully, her checkup at BVMI on September 8 showed that she was doing much better, eliciting a heartfelt “thank you!” for the care – and extra push – she received from BVMI.