Please submit ALL DOCUMENTS

via text to (201) 342-2478 or

by email to or

via fax to (201)518-8494

Appointments will not be scheduled unless all documentation has been received.

1.  Proof of Bergen County residency, Items received by mail

  • Current utility or other bill ​OR 

  • Current bank statement ​OR 

  • Current rent receipt or lease ​OR 

  • Letter (dated & signed) from landlord or head of household attesting to address of residence

  • Other mail

2.  Proof of household income (​ALL​ household members with income must provide the following         documentation)

  • Pay stubs covering the most recent ​8 weeks​ ​OR​ Letter (dated & signed) from employer stating salary (if pay stubs are not available)

  • For self-employed, ​12 weeks​ of weekly income

  • For business owners, profit and loss statement covering most recent ​12 weeks

  • Other sources of household income as applicable (for example: food stamps/SNAP, child support, Social Security, Disability, rental assistance, unemployment compensation)

3.  Most recent Federal tax return (if one was filed) – minimum first 2 pages


Heading 3

1040 tax return form.png
1040 tax return form 2.png