Passion for Primary Care

Speak with Jim Kagen for even the briefest of moments and you’ll be convinced of his passion for primary care centers, the underserved population they help and his desire to provide funding to sustain them.  As proof, the Chartis Foundation has donated more than $1 million to more than 30 nonprofits and BVMI ranks high on this list.

As consulting director for The Chartis Group and president of the Chartis Foundation, Mr. Kagen and Chartis’ Board of Trustees were the force behind the first donation of $50,000 in 2013 with the promise of $50,000 more for each of the next two years.

With two of the grants approved, Mr. Kagen said, “We got a glowing report from BVMI last year and – should it be repeated – the grant will probably be renewed.”

The grant funds the position of a Chartis Fellow, a nurse practitioner who handles patient visits as well as urgent care phone calls.  It has allowed BVMI to  expand its healthcare support services in the areas of health literacy, women’s health and wellness, and diabetes care and education.  BVMI is extremely grateful for this generous support from the Chartis Foundation.