No Need to Be Afraid

Nessa’s father died from colon cancer at the age of 67. Nessa’s own history of rectal bleeding prompted Dr. Lisa Ann Miller, BVMI’s volunteer gynecologist, to refer her for a colonoscopy last August, but the 44-year-old never followed through with the test. This past January, Nessa received another referral from her primary care physician, Dr. Jayant Kirtane, but refused to go.

Talking with Michelle Kaye, RN, BVMI Nurse Manager, Nessa admitted that, with a family history of colon cancer, she was afraid of finding out she had cancer, too. Michelle helped her understand how important it was to be tested, then contacted the NJ CEED (Cancer Education and Early Detection) program in Bergen County.


Nessa was accepted into the program, which entitled her to a no-cost colonoscopy done locally, with transportation provided to the gastroenterologist’s office. Nessa agreed to go and had the test done in September 2015. The results showed no evidence of cancer. Soon after, she came to BVMI with a smile on her face, proud of herself and grateful to BVMI.