National Nurses Week!

National Nurses Week (May 6th-12th) provided a welcome opportunity to recognize and thank all of BVMI’s exceptional nurses and nurse practitioners. We celebrated and gratefully acknowledged our talented, clinical professionals with gifts of sweets, balloons, cards and heartfelt words of appreciation. But the truth is, we are grateful for our nurses, both staff and volunteers, every day. More important, so are our patients. Denis, who comes to BVMI routinely for his healthcare needs, shared these sentiments in a recent note to BVMI, “I thank you with all my heart for everything you’ve done for my family and me. You’ll always be those angels in heaven, sent by God to help us. A thousand and a thousand more thank yous.”

Not only do our nurses provide quality, frontline healthcare, but they do so with compassion and a willingness to listen, offering encouragement when it is needed most. This emotional support builds trust and a level of comfort and confidence that motivates our patients to take an active role in living their healthiest and happiest lives.

Continuing education is one way our nurses strive for excellence in patient care. BVMI Nurse Manager Michelle Kaye and Nurse Practitioner Mary DiGiulio attended the Annual Conference hosted by the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing this month in Orlando, Florida. Michelle and Mary presented a poster at the conference highlighting the significant role that our nurses play in providing healthcare to our patients – a role that is unique to our operation as compared to that of many ambulatory centers. They were also able to attend a variety of dynamic sessions and share what they learned with the medical volunteers and staff at BVMI.

As BVMI Medical Director Dr. Art De Simone said, “BVMI not only has a group of highly credentialed, quality nurses, but every one of them cares deeply for our hard-working patients. Our nurses exemplify Gandhi’s diction that ‘the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.’”

We thank all of our nurses for going above and beyond to positively impact the lives of our patients. 

Clinical Volunteers NEEDED! 

BVMI has experienced a significant increase in the number of new patients the past several months. 

More than ever, volunteer Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Nutritionists, and Medical Assistants are needed. Several hours a month will make a world of difference to our patients, and you'll feel good knowing you have positively impacted the lives of more of our hard-working, neighbors in Bergen County who are in need of healthcare.   

If you are a medical professional and would like to learn more or know someone who may be interested in volunteering, please contact Elaine Posner, BVMI Volunteer Coordinator at 201-518-8488 or at