The Volunteer Opportunity of a Lifetime
Dear Fellow Practitioners,

There are many proposed solutions to our healthcare problems in the U.S. One of them has been demonstrated
to work for the past eleven years here at Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative.


Over 55 volunteer medical practitioners volunteer their time and talent to provide free medical care to our Bergen County neighbors who cannot afford health insurance and are ineligible for government assistance.

Last year, our team of healthcare practitioners saw over 1,400 patients. BVMI helps to stabilize chronic conditions, reduce infectious disease and decrease emergency room visits by providing early intervention and consistent care. The availability of a nurse practitioner allows patients to schedule sick visits or consult by phone rather than going to the emergency room.

On average our practitioners volunteer four hours every other week and have schedules that provide flexibility for work, play, vacation or travel. Our semi-retired or retired volunteers find that BVMI affords them the opportunity to practice patient-centered medicine and to keep their skills sharp and their medical knowledge current. Medical malpractice coverage is provided to every practitioner through the federal government.

Above all, our volunteers have found that BVMI is a happy place where “every good deed gets rewarded.” I invite you to consider volunteering your medical talents to BVMI and to make a difference, one patient at a time.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss how you can become a part of BVMI.


I may be reached at 201-342-2478 or at adesimone@bvmi.net.


Arthur R. DeSimone, M.D.

BVMI Medical Director

Information on FTCA Coverage


Because BVMI is a volunteer free healthcare center, volunteers are covered by medical malpractice insurance provided by the federal government. The volunteer has immunity from medical malpractice lawsuits resulting from his/her subsequent performance of medical, surgical, dental or related functions within the scope of his/her work at the free center.

Medical volunteers will be credentialed by BVMI’s Medical Services Committee and the BVMI Board of Trustees.


Upon approval, BVMI will apply for FTCA coverage for the volunteer.

For more information, go to the US Department of Health and Human Services website.