A Labor of Love


More than 100,000 breast cancer patients were fortunate to have Dr. Harold Bruck as their surgeon. Each of them knew he or she was being treated by a highly skilled surgeon who also cared very deeply about his patients.

“Listening is one of the most important things you can do,” said Dr. Bruck. “Thankfully, at BVMI I can continue to take my time with patients and give them the care they deserve.” Dr. Bruck, a graduate of Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, currently has a teaching appointment at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center on the Breast Surgical Service.

He was in practice in Ridgewood and on staff at The Valley Hospital. Dr. Bruck volunteers because he has spent his life taking care of people and wants to continue using his experience and knowledge.


Plus, he delights in working with “the many bright, devoted people at BVMI.”

When asked if he would choose medicine all over again, Dr. Bruck enthusiastically replied, “Oh my gosh, yes! It’s a labor of love.”