“It Takes a Village…”

We’ve all heard, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We at BVMI know it takes a good neighbor to sustain a community. A good neighbor like Investors Foundation, who recently supported BVMI with a $2,500 grant to support BVMI’s mission of providing free primary healthcare to low-income, working Bergen County residents who do not have insurance (47,000 people!).

“Investors Bank is pleased to support BVMI in its efforts to provide special health programs to the low- and moderate- income community it serves,” said Ada Melendez-McGuinness, Vice President and Director of Community Development. “This population is in dire need of these kinds of services and we are glad to help. We commend you for taking on these worthy initiatives and are happy with the partnership we have developed. It mirrors our respective values of caring for others.”

Thank you, Investors Foundation!