Is there a Doctor in the House?

Well, if Victor M. Abraham II has anything to say about it, there will be. Victor, who is one of our volunteers, will be heading off to medical school in September 2019. And we couldn't be more excited for him!

Victor started with us in May, 2018, as a volunteer translator/medical scribe. His desire to help and give back to his community is what brought him to us in the first place, but the experience he has gained in our clinic has convinced him that he wants to do even more. 

A 2017 graduate of NYU, Victor currently works as a medical assistant at a private practice in Union, NJ. But that's not enough for this future doctor.  In addition to donating his time to BVMI, he also volunteers at the West Essex First Aid Squad, where he gets to put his knowledge and experience to good use.

Victor hopes to one day become a Pediatric Psychiatrist. His goal is to help kids who are struggling with problems like addiction or depression--issues that are so prevalent in society today. After going through some hard times of his own, Victor believes that helping these kids is more important than ever. His personal experiences, as well as the time he has spent here at BVMI, have taught him to never give up, never doubt himself, and never doubt the good that he can do. He promises to "work endlessly to give back, and to pay it forward." "Today I'm here, as a volunteer at BVMI," he says. "But tomorrow I'll be back, as a doctor." And we can't wait to have you, "Dr. Abraham."