There are many well-deserving nonprofits that would benefit greatly from your generous donation, each with a differing mission, constituencies and business model. 

But if your intention is to invest in the well-being of Bergen County, especially for those with very limited resources, Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative is for you. 

Here are the Top 5 reasons that make BVMI a great investment (and even more follow)!

Vicki Fliman and Kay Fagan work together as part of our Women's Health Initiative at Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative

We serve about 1,450 of your Bergen County neighbors a year

In Bergen County, there are about 4,500 low-income working uninsured adults who are ineligible for Medicaid or other subsidies. People just like you, trying to make the best life for themselves and their families.

We're a proven entity

​BVMI opened its doors in 2009, after five years of “friend-raising” and fundraising to realize the vision of providing free healthcare to low-income residents of Bergen County who are working but have no health insurance.

For every $1 we spend, $0.80 is used for the medical care of our patients.

We are able to do this by utilizing the skills and talents of volunteer doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, nutritionists, social workers and office volunteers.

Volunteers provide more than $600,000 in 2017 in pro bono service to BVMI!

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We provide a better solution to non-emergency ER visits

​One reason for the high cost of healthcare is the practice of using the expensive hospital emegency department for non-emergency issues. BVMI free office visits provide a more efficient solution in a more appropriate setting.

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“I feel comfortable spending my money because I know BVMI is watching it. With their limited overhead, I know the maximum benefits are going toward the persons we’re trying to help. BVMI does an incredible job providing a vital service to the working poor and they do so in such a way that these people don’t have to beg. Who wouldn’t want to support an organization like this?”

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We are unique

Nobody else does what we do. Sure, there are clinics, but

  • we take patients only by appointment

  • our patients have a formal doctor/patient relationship

  • we offer specialized services such as diabetes and well-woman care

  • we provide phone consultations and urgent care for active patients

  • we recommend and provide preventive healthcare services 

Take it from the folks who know

We have earned a Platinum Level status in GuideStar and are a 2018 Top-Rated Nonprofit by GreatNonprofits . These independent, third-party auditors are the industry's gold standard in nonprofit oversight and your assurance that your donation is well spent.

We make preventive care a reality where none existed

People who are struggling to meet the most basic costs rarely consider preventive healthcare. All BVMI's patient healthcare plans include regular examinations and screenings: the proven road to lower lifetime healthcare costs and healthier outcomes.

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We're a well-oiled machine

BVMI is a remarkably lean and efficient organization. With an annual budget of $1,200,000, we serve about 1,450 patients, providing excellent primary, preventive and urgent care for less than $1,000/patient annually! This is a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit.

How do we do that? Our clinical and non-clinical volunteers are far and away the main reason, but we also make great use of generously-donated supplies, equipment and facilities to provide a level of healthcare that exceeds many private practices.

We're an open book

We'd love to give you a tour of our facilities, where you can speak with our staff, volunteers, and maybe even a patient or two. Please call Amanda Missey, President & CEO, at 201-518-8484 to schedule your tour!

We're more than just healthcare

We are often a resource for patients who need assistance in other social service areas: housing, food, abuse, even jobs. We are professionals who listen and understand the needs of our patients and extend beyond the exam room to provide information that can lead to a promising future.

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