Health and a Better Future 

Seven years ago, Rosa was taking a free nutrition class right around the corner from BVMI's old home. When the teacher realized Rosa didn't have health insurance, she told her about BVMI. As Rosa puts it, when she first walked through our doors back in 2010, her "life was forever changed."


At one point, Rosa explored buying private insurance. Like many of our patients, she didn't want to be in the position of needing BVMI.  She and her husband quickly realized, however, that the high cost of  deductibles and co-pays left little for daily expenses, and would use up the small nest egg they'd managed to save for their younger daughters' college educations.


Rosa is grateful that she didn't have to choose between staying healthy and giving her daughters a secure future.  "It's been amazing to watch BVMI grow over the years. What's even better is that, at its core, it's never really changed. The people have always been wonderful. The health education, especially in regards to healthy eating, has always been fantastic.  I feel so good here," says Rosa. "Because of BVMI, I can stay healthy and try to give my daughters a better life than I could ever imagine."