¡Hablamos Español!

BVMI is fortunate to have three volunteer interpreters: Christian Monsalve, Anjelica Veca and Judith Venegas. “Their job is twofold – to help the doctors, nurses, and other clinical volunteers and staff to fully understand the patient’s symptoms and to help the patient understand what follow- up is needed and how to take any medications that are prescribed. 

Christian is applying to medical schools and said, “The struggles of these patients are greater than the average person's. I will share this experience with future classmates to remind them that this is why we entered the medical field: to provide medical care to those in need.”

What surprised Anjelica was, “So many patients are relieved to see me. They smile and their whole body relaxes. They are much more comfortable knowing that they will be understood and that they will also understand what the doctor is telling them.” Judith noted, “When I’m helping a patient, I know that I am helping their family, too. I keep them motivated to be healthier.”

Christian hopes to become a doctor, Anjelica wants to become a professional interpreter and Judith volunteers to give back. Even with their diverse goals, BVMI provided a path to help achieve them.