The Gutenstein Family Foundation is an Early Supporter of Paso a Paso

“I’ve been so incredibly fortunate and lucky in this life,” says Robert Gutenstein, a longtime supporter of BVMI. “If giving a few bucks can give others a huge boost, why wouldn’t you do just that?”

Bob is a humble man who believes in the power of generosity as being a force behind change. “I believe in being a force multiplier, so I support those who help people who are in great need.”

Recognizing that the effect of obesity is a growing threat in the United States, Bob is the first to provide support for BVMI’s obesity program with a gift from the Robert G. and Ellen S. Gutenstein Family Foundation.


“I feel comfortable spending my money because I know BVMI is watching it. With their limited overhead, I know the maximum benefits are going toward the persons we’re trying to help. BVMI does an incredible job providing a vital service to the working poor and they do so in such a way that these people don’t have to beg. Who wouldn’t want to support an organization like this?”