BVMI’s Greatest Need

For six years, gala guests have  responded generously to BVMI’s request for support during the Greatest Need portion of the evening. This year it was Mike Azzara, BVMI’s former chairman of the board, who asked people to “dig deep.” And they did.

The need is urgent.  For 1,000 Bergen County residents, BVMI is their doctor. They come to the center with a variety of health issues – some life-threatening, some chronic and some less critical. The goal is to treat them and then educate them so that subsequent appointments become wellness visits. When patients are healthy, they can go to their jobs, help their families and contribute to the community.

This year’s Greatest Need raised $53,000, helping BVMI to close in on its gala fundraising goal of raising a quarter of BVMI’s annual budget. Thank you all for being part of the Greatest Need and for “digging deep.”