Transitioning from Private Practice to Volunteer

“When I was first introduced to the BVMI concept of primary healthcare for the uninsured, I knew I would become a volunteer there as soon as I could free up some time,” explained Dr. Noel Friedland, a specialist in internal medicine for 40 years and now a three-year BVMI volunteer.

With the healthcare landscape rapidly evolving, Dr. Friedland felt it was a good time to transition from private practice to volunteer service when The Valley Hospital approached him and his partner with an offer to be the first primary care practice that they would purchase.

The sale allowed him to gradually reduce his private practice hours and increase his volunteer work with BVMI. He also enjoyed the freedom of setting his own hours and not worrying about overhead. Dr. Freidland is well known for taking time to get to know his patients, giving them quality care, and treating them like family, a tradition that he continues today with his BVMI patients.

He is pleased that BVMI is guided by a “Culture of Caring” – a belief that the way a person is treated is as important as the medical care that is provided. Dr. Friedland added, “I still feel the excitement of helping people, I measure my life by what I can do for others.”