BVMI's Dream Team

Each year, guests arrive at BVMI’s Anniversary Gala with high expectations. This year will be no exception.  And when they walk into The Shops at Riverside on Sunday, the 27th of September, they’ll be dazzled by how the mall has been transformed into a unique and exciting venue for BVMI's annual fundraising event.

Cynthia Goldman and Marilyn Schotz, gala co-chairs, are to thank.  BVMI’s “dream team” has led the event for five of the last six years. With a Masters in music from NYU, Cynthia used her musical background first for therapy purposes, eventually leading to 25 years directing special events with a strong musical emphasis.

Implementing Cynthia’s creativity is Marilyn’s business sense – she owned a successful boutique – making this partnership doubly effective. So, when you’re at the Gala, take a minute to appreciate all the work that went into the event, and admire the flowers, the music and the meticulous attention to detail.  Two pros made it happen.