With BVMI, You Don’t Have to Stand Alone

For Dr. Kay Fagan, volunteering as part of BVMI’s Women’s Health Initiative is a perfect match because she believes that “women are unique.” After working in a women’s prison, Dr. Fagan promised herself that she would continue serving in a clinical setting that values women.

When she received an email from a colleague about BVMI back in 2009, Dr. Fagan immediately saw an opportunity to “to practice in an underserved area with women who are so vulnerable” and scheduled an appointment to come by.

Immediately, Dr. Fagan saw that “there are a lot of things that are special about BVMI.” Since that day, Dr. Fagan has dedicated countless hours to serving our patients. When she compares her experiences to other clinical settings she has been in, Dr. Fagan has come to admire the continuity of care BVMI provides, seeing some of the same patients for seven years! As a practitioner, Dr. Fagan believes in the power of continuity of care because with continuity comes stronger outcomes.

Perhaps most important to Dr. Fagan is BVMI’s practice of allowing patients to tell their story. This enables Dr. Fagan and other BVMI volunteers to look at the whole patient, not just what ailments might be bothering them. However, Dr. Fagan humbly believes that BVMI has given her more than what she has given BVMI. She believes that there are few environments that allow practitioners to constantly learn as well as meet professional goals.

In addition to having such strong relationships with patients, Dr. Fagan has developed bonds with other BVMI staff and volunteers. Having a strong interdisciplinary team of professionals collaborating on patient needs is unique, and important in ensuring high quality long term care. The team Dr. Fagan works with at BVMI is one of the many reasons Dr. Fagan loves BVMI. “We work together and support each other in order to best serve the patients. We collaborate. The patients keep coming back so that’s always a good sign. But most of all, our team is defined by knowing that you don’t have to stand alone.”