Inspired by Volunteering at BVMI

All his life, Aret Varvar, RN, knew he wanted to help people. While pursuing a degree in law enforcement, he saw a flyer seeking EMT volunteers and decided to sign up, thinking it would tie in nicely with his studies.

Aret was hooked right away. One of his mentors, a seasoned EMT, suggested that he explore healthcare as a career. He did, and now, he can’t imagine doing anything else. “Thankfully, I stumbled across my passion,” said Aret. He enjoys the challenge of identifying the one factor – however small – that is affecting a patient’s overall health. 

In between pre-med classes and volunteering at BVMI, Aret works at Englewood Hospital’s outpatient dialysis center. “My grandfather was on dialysis until the day he died and my brother is currently living with kidney disease,” he explained. “In many ways, this position is connected to me personally.”

Watching his brother struggle with kidney disease, Aret can’t imagine being without health insurance. “If one of my loved ones was uninsured, I would send them straight to BVMI,” he added. ”I see how the practitioners take each and every patient complaint seriously. The care is astounding.”

One of the many reasons Aret loves volunteering at BVMI is because it affords him the opportunity to practice in a primary care setting. “I love the learning experience that comes with being at BVMI,” said Aret. “I like it all – I am interested in so many areas of medicine and being at BVMI allows me to expand upon my many passions.”

In June, Aret will take the MCAT and start applying for medical school. “Being at BVMI has shown me how I can broaden my scope of practice and has helped me realize that becoming a doctor will expand my areas of understanding even further,” he said.” My ultimate goal is to say that I have volunteered at BVMI as both a nurse AND a doctor.”