BVMI Volunteer Jonathan (Jon) Wolfson exemplifies dedication. During a torrential rainstorm this past April, Jon faced road closings and flooded streets as he made his way to BVMI for his volunteer shift. It took more than three hours from his Old Bridge home that stormy Monday to reach our healthcare center, but Jon felt it was important to be there for BVMI and our patients.

Jon volunteers as a medical scribe, assisting the doctors by transcribing information and entering it in our electronic medical records database. He enjoys his time at BVMI and appreciates the patient-centric work environment. He is most impressed with the compassion shown each patient, an example of our "Culture of Caring" mission.  

As Jonathan shared, “volunteering at BVMI has been an amazing opportunity and has helped grow my passion for patient care. I have learned so much from all the staff and other volunteers and look forward to utilizing this experience and knowledge as a future healthcare provider.”  

Inspired by his time here, Jon has decided to pursue a career in nursing and will be attending Drexel University in Philadelphia this fall. Until then, Jon will continue to be here for our patients as a dedicated BVMI volunteer, making a difference and positively changing lives.