Committed to Better Health

Raphael first came to BVMI while recovering from a bicycle accident—a tough break for someone who makes his money from painting houses. He lives in a homeless shelter, unable to afford many things we take for granted, especially health insurance. 

Raphael discovered that he is pre-diabetic, but is willing to follow the advice of BVMI's certified diabetes educator, Holly Homa, RN, who explained how changes in diet and lifestyle can prevent diabetes.  He is committed to improving his own health, meeting regularly with BVMI volunteer nutritionist Caroline Schmalz, who coaches him about food choices. 

Raphael's diet has changed for the better. He avoids sugary drinks and eats fewer carbohydrates and more protein. He even takes photos of meals served at the shelter, so he and Caroline can discuss what's best to eat. We're happy to report that results of his A1c test (to detect diabetes) are now in normal range, at 5.4. 

Raphael is proud of his accomplishments—and so are we!