"Time challenges are tough for nurses, but we all waste a few hours on other things. At BVMI, you put meaning to those hours. And if you're a parent, it's good for the kids to see you volunteer. It's contagious!!"


BVMI volunteers are a special breed.

From retirees to those just starting out in their careers, all of our volunteers have two things in common: a great attitude, and concern and respect for the patients who rely on the services of BVMI to get and stay healthy. 

The other thing that binds them? How much our staff, our donors and our patients value their contributions. 

Our valued, respected volunteers

Our team of hard-working, dedicated volunteers make BVMI what it is today and provides mission critical expertise.

What does it take to be a BVMI volunteer?


Volunteers are not required to have a medical or healthcare background. In fact, the experiences that many people bring from other walks of life enrich the BVMI community, and make a major contribution to our efforts to achieve our lofty goals every single day. 


We have over 125 volunteers, 55 clinical practitioners including doctors, APN's, nurses, social workers and other affiliated professionals and para professionals.

Interested in joining us? We'd love to speak with you. Please contact Elaine Posner, our Volunteer Coordinator, at (201) 518-8488 or click here to email.

Volunteer Team

As of May 2019

  • Victor Abraham II

  • Alexandre Ackad, MD

  • Theresa Adelgais, RN

  • Philip Affuso, MD

  • Scott Agins, DPM

  • Heidi Ahlborn, MD

  • Stella Ahn

  • George M. Ajjan, DO

  • Angelica Alvarado

  • Mark Anbarserri

  • Zoila Aponte

  • Auria Aquino

  • Susan Aveta

  • Nancy Baker, RN

  • Carme Basconcillos

  • Rebecca Baxt, MD

  • Alyssa Becker, MD

  • Linda Bleiweiss

  • Kathleen Burke, PhD, RN

  • Peter Carbonara, MD

  • Brenda Christensen, MD

  • Donna Christiano

  • Kevin Chung

  • Elizabeth Cole

  • Herbert L. Cole, MD

  • Sandra Colen, LCSW

  • Mary Contino

  • Dale Cook

  • Janet Cook, RN

  • Timothy Corey, MD

  • Lloyd Currier

  • Claudia Davis

  • Ariana Delcid

  • Mary DiGiulio, DNP, APN

  • David Duarte

  • Rosemary Dujnic, RN, BSN

  • Abrar Ebady

  • Victoria Eftychiou, MSN, APN

  • Kathleen Fagan, PhD, RN, APN

  • Gussille Fernandez

  • Noel Friedland, MD

  • Dorothy Gagliardi, RN

  • Barry Galton, MD

  • Elizabeth Gardea

  • Bernice Geiger

  • Susan Geltman, LCSW

  • Dorothy Glantz, LPN

  • Bella Goldberg

  • Hector Gonzalez

  • Landy Gonzalez

  • Michelle Gonzalez​

  • Carla Granda

  • Lisa Grohsman, MSN, APN

  • Martha Guardia, BSN, RN-BC

  • Jacques Gulekjian, MD

  • Patty Halsall

  • Judith Haystrand, RN,MSN, APN

  • Maryann Hew, RN, BSN

  • Micheline Hodge

  • Yoomin Hwang

  • David Isralowitz MD

  • Kristi Izzo

  • Luisa Jaramillo

  • Gloria Jekic, RN

  • Andrew Kagan, MD

  • Satish Kashyap, MD

  • Donyoung Kim

  • Evelyn Kim

  • Hyunsook Kim

  • Ruth Kirschenbaum

  • Jayant S. Kirtane, MD

  • Rekha Kirtane, MD

  • Patricia Klein

  • Peter Krautle

  • Pamela Kumar

  • Viren Lad

  • Herbert Laden

  • Barbara Lanzberg, RN

  • Salvatore Laraia, MD

  • Karen Latimer, MD

  • Henry Lau, MD

  • Siew (Birdie) Lau

  • Helen Lee

  • Joanne Levine

  • Howard L. Lipton, DO

  • Kristan Louis, APN

  • Karla Lozano

  • Josef Machac, MD

  • Irina Mandel, RN, MSN

  • Leonor Martinez

  • Christina Mayens

  • Dianne McDermott, BSN

  • Catherine McPolin, RN, MSN

  • Mercedes Melendez

  • Lee Meluban

  • Carolyn Menacker, RN

  • Aaliyah Mendoza

  • Eliany Mendoza

  • Ellen Menschel, RN, BSN

  • Lisa Ann Miller, MD

  • Evelyn Molina

  • Katherine Montgomery

  • Jane I. Morais

  • Diane Moran-Goulding

  • Deborah Oppenheimer, RN

  • Sue Panek, RN, BSN

  • Grishma Parikh, MD

  • Sunny Park

  • Zachery Parr

  • Alicia Payano

  • Jacqueline Pimienta

  • Renelle Pinos, APN, RN

  • Barbara Porsche, RN

  • Roy Preefer, MSW

  • Susan Profeta, MD

  • Sharon Ramsaier, RN

  • David Reiner, MD

  • Danielle Revere, RD

  • Melanie Rey

  • L. Pat Robinson, MD

  • Evelina Rodriguez

  • Romina Rojas

  • Jacqueline Ross, PT, DPT

  • Christina Rule, RN

  • Karen Setti, BSN, MSN, APN

  • Charlotte Sokol, MD

  • Je Yeong Sone

  • Eileen Steinvurzel, LCSW

  • Paula Tedesco, RN, MSN, APN

  • Helena Tejada

  • Sharon Tobias, PhD

  • Toni Tortorella Genova, DNP, APN-BC, RN, FNP-BC, NP-C

  • Sarah Turner

  • Carla Van Duzer, RN

  • Aret Varvar, RN, BSN

  • Ana Vasquez

  • Rebecca Vera

  • L. Donald Weinstein, MD

  • Debbie Woods

  • Kristie Woods

  • Jane Worthman-Leva, MS, RD

  • Alice Wright, RN, MSN

  • Andrea Yunga

  • Robert Zurier, MD

Contact Elaine Posner

(201) 518-8488


"I am given the opportunity  to care for patients in a very supportive environment."



"I enjoy giving back

to the local community, and caring for our patients from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds and to make their quality of life easier."


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