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The Details:

Join us for our inaugural BVMI Open Paddle Tennis Fundraiser at the beautiful Upper Ridgewood Tennis Club!  BVMI is a local 501c3 nonprofit that provides FREE primary and preventative medical care to working, low-income uninsured residents of Bergen County.  Your attendance will help BVMI continue their support of our neighbors in need!

I'm here to Play - $70

The tournament is round robin play and will comprise of men's and women's doubles.  Play will be continuous from 2pm to 4:30pm.  Please identify your league level of play or social level of play (on registration page).  All players of similar level will be placed in separate round robins.  The tailgate party follows the tournament.

I'm here for the Party! - $35

The BVMI Tailgate party is an opportunity to bring together players AND non-players for an engaging and fun way to celebrate the BVMI OPEN.  The Party officially begins at 5:00.