What we do

BVMI provides free primary, preventive, urgent and chronic medical care to low-income working Bergen County residents who do not have medical insurance or the means to pay for care. Individuals/families may earn up to 250% of the federal poverty level.


How we operate

BVMI is a licensed, ambulatory healthcare center located in Hackensack, NJ. Patients are seen by appointment five days a week.


How we serve Bergen County

Bergen County is one of the ten most prosperous counties in the nation with a per capita income of $48,426 and median household income of $95,837.


Despite this wealth, 6.8% of the county’s residents live below the federal poverty level.


Nearly 40,000* Bergen County adults with a household income less than 250% of the Federal Poverty Level are living without health insurance and may be eligible for BVMI's services. *United Way of Northern NJ

More than 40,000 Bergen County residents meet BVMI's eligibility requirements.


United Way of Northern NJ

Volunteers are the heart of our success

A team of more than 75 volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and other healthcare professionals provide medical care for BVMI’s patients. More than 200 specialists in private practice have agreed to see patients at no charge.


Our generous local healthcare providers

All five Bergen County hospitals* provide x-rays, mammograms, colonoscopies, and other diagnostic procedures for our patients. BD donates medical supplies, and Quest Diagnostics provides comprehensive laboratory services.


The results speak for themselves

BVMI provided 9,200 medical visits for 1,500 patients in 2019.


Through early intervention and consistent treatment of patients, BVMI has been able to stabilize chronic conditions, help reduce infectious disease and decrease Emergency Room visits

At $225 per visit, the cost of providing care at BVMI is significantly lower than the average cost of an emergency room visit ($1,300).


Health Care Cost Institute



Programs benefited by corporate and foundation donors 

BVMI has three signature programs: the Diabetes Prevention, Patient Care and Education Program the Women’s Health Initiative, and the Korean Healthcare Program. BVMI strives to improve healthcare literacy and expand access to healthcare for underserved communities. This has been accomplished through the generosity of many corporate and foundation donors including the Aetna Foundation, Russell Berrie Foundation, CVS  Health Foundation, Horizon Foundation for New Jersey, OritaniBank Foundation,  Susan G. Komen Foundation,TD Bank, the Korean American Community Foundation, the Luckow Family Foundation and the Taub Foundation.


100% funded by private donations

BVMI does not receive any government funding, is not reimbursed by insurance companies and does not charge patients for services provided. BVMI relies entirely on contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations.

* New Bridge Medical Center, Englewood Health, Hackensack University Medical Center, Holy Name Medical Center and The Valley Hospital

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