At Last - Breathing Easy

Most low-income individuals without health insurance don’t have a doctor.  They wait until they are very sick, then visit their local ER – an expensive way to handle a treatable condition.  Many, like Teresa, don’t know there is another option.

Teresa, a cashier working two jobs, frequently relied on the ER to take care of her severe asthma.  Sometimes she was too sick to work, resulting in a smaller paycheck.   Then, she heard about BVMI and started to come here.  


“At times she was having difficulty breathing and we were seeing her constantly,” recalled Mary Granholm, Nurse Practitioner.  “Finally, we realized she needed the next level of asthma meds and referred her to Dr. Hormoz Ashtyani from Hackensack University Medical Center. “

Dr. Ashtyani agreed with the diagnosis, created a long term plan and prescribed stronger medications.  He also provided Teresa with free samples from his office – very helpful as asthma medications are expensive.  “It’s a good outcome,” concluded Mary.  “Teresa is getting the care she needs; she isn’t missing work and doesn’t need to use the ER.  She knows BVMI is here for her.”