Thanks to Your Support, Alma Can Breathe Easier

“You can’t do anything if you can’t breathe.” These words from BVMI Nurse Practitioner Mary Granholm hit home for Alma, who has asthma. She came to BVMI about a year ago, after losing her medical insurance.

She was using a ‘”rescue inhaler” as a daily medicine, instead of for short-term needs. BVMI prescribed a short-term oral steroid and provided a sample of the right type of daily medication. They added a dose of asthma education; for example, Alma learned that something as simple as breathing through a scarf in cold weather can be an act of kindness to the lungs.

During frequent follow-up visits, BVMI discovered that Alma was still having episodic attacks because she’d been trying to stretch her twice-daily asthma medication (and her budget) to once a day. “Alma needed more help, so we provided emergency treatments when she needed them and helped her apply for pharmaceutical patient assistance.” She obtained a one-year supply of maintenance medication which will hopefully be renewed if Alma needs it again.

These days, Alma is in better health — and much better spirits. She still comes to BMVI for wellness visits, and is breathing easier in more ways than one.