Alice's Story

“Alice” is a 48-year-old immigrant from Ecuador.   She has been a patient at BVMI since June, 2012.

Alice has a maternal cousin who was diagnosed with carcinoma of the breast at the age of 27, and another that was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  When Alice came to BVMI, we explained that getting an annual mammogram was very important because of her family history.  She understood, and has been very diligent about keeping her mammogram appointments with the encouragement of Vicky Fliman, RN, BVMI’s nurse navigator.

In July of 2018, Alice noticed a small red spot on her left breast, which got worse over the next few days.  Because of her family history, she was convinced that she had breast cancer.  She came to BVMI in great distress.  She had pain, redness and itching in her breast.

Alice was seen by her doctor, who prescribed medication for the rash.  Alice was instructed to call us immediately if the symptoms worsened.  A week later, she came back after having applied the topical cream as instructed.  There had been no improvement, so the doctor gave her a referral for a mammogram and Vicky and the discharge staff helped her make an appointment. 

Alice had a bilateral digital mammography with 3D tomosynthesis with a bilateral complete breast ultrasound.  Fortunately, there were no findings on either, and Alice was greatly relieved.  Vicky scheduled a consult with a dermatologist and, after treatment, she has greatly improved.