“It’s the Way the World Should Work”

Elaine Adler, together with her husband Mike, is no stranger to the world of philanthropy and non-profits.  They are the founders of the Adler Aphasia Center and created their eponymous foundation.  With so many demands on their resources, when Elaine was asked why they contribute to BVMI, she simply said, “Doctors who give of themselves are high on my rating.”


She continued talking about the unusual mix that BVMI has orchestrated:  all five area hospitals are on board; vital services like blood tests, mammograms and x-rays are donated; and insurance is provided so that doctors can practice without worry.

“Everyone is disciplined and working together.  It’s the way the world should work,” replied Elaine.  “The poor get many services for free.  The rich can pay for them.  It is the working class that is caught in between and needs help.  BVMI gives them that help.”  Fortunately for BVMI, the mix that has been orchestrated includes committed friends and donors like Elaine and Mike.