Making Access to Data Easier

After retiring from 17 years at Aetna, Inc. as the head of the $4 billion Small Business Accounts Division, Dale Cook was looking for a non-profit organization where her strong analytical skills would be of value. She was also a personal friend of Amanda Missey, BVMI’s Executive Director.

When they began talking about volunteering, Dale realized that her knowledge of the healthcare industry would be an asset as well. Fast forward six months and Dale has vastly improved BVMI’s patient database, making it easier and more efficient to pull data.


“Before the data was extracted manually,” she said. “Now all sorts of reports and historical data can be accessed automatically and progress can be monitored on a monthly basis.”

This is extremely important when gathering data to support grant applications or to show the progress that BVMI patients have made. “It’s much more proactive this way,” Dale observed. “Plus we have hard data; we don’t have to rely on anecdotal information.”

Curious to learn what Dale thinks about her experience at BVMI , as it is the first time she has ever volunteered, we asked. She replied, “I feel very valued here. It is personally gratifying, which is what I was looking for.”