A "Positive" Result

We all know that special bond that develops  between doctors and their patients. Often this bond  takes  years to develop. But when you have  practitioners who are as kind and caring as those  here at BVMI, these relationships often form far  more quickly. Such was the case several months  ago, when a young Pakistani couple walked into our  clinic. The couple, who spoke very little English,  came to us seeking answers. Coming from  traditional families, they were being pressured to start a family of their own. But no matter how hard they tried, a pregnancy never resulted. Embarrassed to begin the discussion, and unable to find the words because of their limited knowledge of English, the couple was ready to give up. And then they met BVMI volunteer Dr. Jayant Kirtane! It turns out that Dr. Kirtane's native Hindi was close enough to this couple's native Urdu, to allow him to act as a translator. And, of course, Dr. Kirtane was happy to help.

Dr. Kirtane set out to make them feel comfortable. They left with a follow-up appointment and the knowledge that they were in very good hands. "The pressure," Dr. Kirtane said, "was finally off."

A few weeks later the couple came back, and this time they had some serious concerns. As his young patient described her symptoms, Dr. Kirtane started to feel a sense of relief, and ordered...a pregnancy test! The results were, you guessed it--positive!  

We watched as Dr. Kirtane gleefully shared the news.  In fact, we couldn't decide who was more thrilled--the patients, or Dr. Kirtane himself! 

Here at BVMI we know that medicine is more than a series of symptoms and tests. It's about the people. Our people. Our doctors and patients, who work together to get results. And you, our donors, the ones who make it all possible. So we'd like to say "thank you." For everything you do. We couldn't do it without you.