2X the ♥

BVMI is feeling the love from the Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation. We recently received exciting news: the Foundation not only approved our grant application but decided to DOUBLE its investment!

Support from BCSF goes toward BVMI’s Women’s Health Initiative, specifically to help fund the nurse navigator position. Vicky Fliman, RN, provides education on breast health and cancer prevention for women patients, and helps them schedule – and ensures they get – prescribed tests like mammograms.


“Our women patients are so concerned about the health and well-being of their family members that they often put their own health last,” says Vicky. “Education and screening are crucial to early detection and it’s one of many ways we can make sure our patients stay healthy.”

Dee Dee Lowland, executive director of Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, says, “Our board wanted you to know that we increased the amount of your ask because of the great work you do." We are so pleased with the information you provide about the program and know how grateful your patients are to have a clinic like yours. Keep up the wonderful work you do!!!”

“The Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation is a long-time and valued partner,” says Amanda Missey, BVMI’s CEO. “With their support, we can ensure breast health is a priority through our Women’s Health Initiative. We are especially grateful to them for a wonderful gift – times two!”