How to Become a Patient


Call 201-342-2478 to schedule an appointment for eligibility screening. You will be asked a few questions on the phone to be sure you meet BVMI’s eligibility criteria.

When you come for your appointment, please bring the following documentation:

  • Photo ID – driver’s license or other State or County-issued ID, passport
  • Proof that you live in Bergen County – current utility or other bill, current rent receipt, current bank statement, another written proof of residence.
  • Proof of household income (for ALL household members with income) – recent employer pay stubs covering two months, letter from employer stating salary, or any other written proof of income, any other sources of income (SNAP, child support, Social Security, Disability, rental assistance, unemployment compensation); for self-employed – three months of weekly income; for business owners – profit and loss statement covering most recent 3 months
  • Most recent Federal tax return (if one was filed)

If you are determined to be financially eligible for BVMI, the next step is a complete medical history, taken by a nurse. This is to determine if you are a medically-appropriate patient for the services that BVMI provides.

The Eligibility Screening and Medical History will all be scheduled for the same day. Please allow at least one hour.

After you complete your eligibility screening and your medical history, you will be given an appointment for bloodwork. This appointment will be approximately one week before your appointment with a physician.

Once we have your medical history, we’ll schedule an appointment for you to see a primary care physician. We will make every effort to make him or her your regular physician whenever you visit BVMI.

Based on the results of your examination and lab work, you will be referred for other necessary procedures or to other practitioners.